The bigest baddest MTA map to end all maps BWAAA AAA AAAHHH !!


(still under construction and always changing)

Elements 22578 (and growing)

Checkpoints 0

Objects 18645 (and growing)

Pickups 3901 (and growing)

Spawnpoints 32

Map File Size 3.9 MB (and growing)

Load Time 4+ mins (and growing)

This map is exclusive to KWKSRV and not included in the map pack.

That is the reason i dont mind releasing my race maps.


Not sure exactly when i started this map it has always been in the back of my mind and why i tried to never build maps in the same spot.

After finding out it can be done.

I started to merge all of my maps together and i add every new one i make.

This map features every map i have made and also includes multiple versions of the multi version maps in the same map.

I also added a highway island that goes all the way around the San. An. map and connects to many of my maps and the mainland.

I placed a vehicle change pickup in nearly every second driveway across the whole map.

All drive troughs, hotels, pay and spray's feature repairs, and all gas stations feature nitros.

There is many places to see and explore that arnt included in any of my maps.

Tons of roof top stunts and ramps have been added as well.

This is getting really cool but the load time is getting bad, over 4 minutes at the moment, and anticheat cant be used or it kicks you. Hey thats what you get for pushing the envelope as far as it can go lol.

If something should happen to me, or when i see fit it will be made available to everyone.

Sorry but i gotta have something unique to my server.

This is how it looks in MTA:MA

I added labels to it so you can find what you are looking for.

I added a printer friendly version below.

Every red dot is a pickup !!